Internal Government poll indicates strong support for Electric Vehicles subsidy

In the journey to deliver clean energy globally, electric vehicles have become one of the most popular investments. Different countries have been working on ways to make this plan possible. In Canada, the Government‘s latest internal polling under the Privy Council Office indicates strong support for the Electric Vehicles subsidy. And this support involves all the country regions, which is a source of encouragement for more Canadians to switch to automatic motors.

The data indicates that the federal financial aid to those who invest in electric vehicles is a vote winner. Some of the significant areas that support this plan include the election battleground provinces in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. Also, a province like Alberta has massive support for federal cash to go to electric vehicles.

The PCO went ahead to get the necessary data as the prime minister’s Office began deliberation when it comes to the 2021 Federal budget. In the coming months, the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance minister will table the issue for further discussions. Liberal Insiders believe that the budget will become the document that the Trudeau Liberals will use to campaign in the same manner if it doesn’t receive support from the MPs.

PCO is the bureaucratic arm of the Government that aids the Prime Minister in his or her work. The polling was run last year in late November and December. The method put into use is the PCO’s weekly public surveys. For the Global News, they gained access to the polling following the information laws. Besides the popularity of the matter among voters, this project will help Ottawa in its task to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

From the polling report, it is clear that the available subsidies for hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles runway back in the Harper Government. Also, Canada is yet to achieve a broad market penetration of plug-in electric vehicles. Almost all the voters reporting to the surveys do not own electric plug-in vehicles since they rank up to 2.6%. The car owners of gas-powered vehicles reporting to the study rank up to 80%.

Since 2019, The Trudeau Government has been offering a paid-out subsidy running up to $5000. This offer is for all who buy cars with zero emissions. It is currently working on a five-year project worth $130 million to help the country build charging stations. There were different opinions from the voters on the Electric Vehicles issues.

43% of the voters’ main reason for lacking EVs is the high price. Also, the inadequacy of the necessary infrastructure. Another 15% claims that the charging stations available at not enough. The polling also indicates that only 37% of the citizens are aware of the federal government incentive. Canada is hoping to be able to support its citizens during the move to electric vehicles.

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