More takers for EVs with rising petrol prices

There is an increase in EV takers in India with the rising petrol prices. In recent market trends, the petrol prices in Tiruchi are skyrocketing, giving electric vehicles a chance to become visible in the area. The cost of petrol is almost 100 rupees a liter, and there are cases of decarbonizing the nation, and all these features are encouraging people to adopt electric vehicles. Showrooms trading battery-operated cars have suddenly recorded an increase in sales.

A few months ago, the number of electric vehicles you would account for on city roads was a few. However, with the spike in petrol prices, residents invest in electric cars, which seems more friendly. Why not when they are cost-effective and environmental-friendly in comparison to fuel-powered vehicles.

A recent talk with the Hindu, a resident from Srirangam, S. Radhakrishnan, spoke of his experience after getting an electric vehicle and saved one thousand rupees so far. He has used the EV to travel for 600 kilometers, requiring at least 12 liters of petrol. However, a single charge serving for 100 km range needs at most 1.2 units of electric power. He then added on the pollution cases claiming that the EVs are the top options where you save the environment and save money.

One of the common problems with EVs in India is inadequate charging stations. However, Mr. Radhakrishnan is optimistic on the matter, claiming that things will improve. He stated that once many people invest in EVs, charging stations will gradually rise similarly to how petrol bunk grew since it is the transport sector’s future.

In an interview with an e-vehicle vendor, R. Ramaswamy stated that new models have risen with better features than standard cars despite past complaints on EVs. In the last two months, the sales have recorded a 25% increase. Ramaswamy claims that awareness has reached many people since they are more inquiries recently, with many showing an interest in test-driving.

EVs in India cost between 45,000 rupees to 90,000 rupees depending on your brand choice, with no maintenance charge for the first four years of purchase. However, fuel-powered vehicles need service after a few months with other expenses in insurances and road taxes. Currently, replacing a battery costs 18,000 rupees and will go down with time. And it will take forever for customers to need a battery replacement unless you need an upgrade.

Fuel-powered vehicles have been servicing the planet for years, but they have caused harm to the environment leading to evolution. With electric vehicles, you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, save your money and spend less on the maintenance phase. The current petrol prices are also encouraging more people to invest in EVs.

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