US public quickly warming up to electric vehicles

The US government is gradually working on ways to transit the countries from gas-fueled cars to electric vehicles as part of President Biden’s sustainable development goals. In the country’s recent campaign, President Biden was famous for promoting clean energy in the country. After getting into the White House, many experts forecasted policies he would put up to promote his target for a net-zero emission country, with many worrying about the masses’ will to adopt clean energy products such as electric cars. However, recent reports have led us to believe that the United States is quickly warming up to the idea of investing in electric vehicles.

The report states that over half of Americans believe that EVs are crucial tools in handling the climate crisis. A 2018 AAA survey suggested that 20% of American car owners thought their next car investment would be an electric car. Three years later, another report by the EVBox Group and market research firm Ipsos claim that 41% of Americans would get electric vehicles for their next car purchase.

Besides, the survey suggested some other amazing facts about how the people’s mindset and attitude towards electric cars are changing and the government’s policies to support the transition to clean cars. The survey claims that 46% of Americans agree that the government should invest in tax-related incentives for EV buyers, with 52% of the people believing that EVs will play a crucial role in tackling climate changes. Also, 45% of the mass believe that environmental considerations are critical as you buy a car.

Suppose you keep track of the market trends; this positive sentiment growth regarding electric vehicles is not surprising. Additionally, many people have already invested in electric cars. The government makes electric vehicle infrastructure available for all, and the masses observe as their friends and neighbors invest in these cars. There is also a shift in charging stations availability as it is now possible to see them in workplaces and highways. As a result, electric vehicles are starting to look more practical than their first few years in business.

This survey also noted that electric vehicles’ most significant barrier is the perceived lack of charging stations and them being more costly than fuel. The issue is more of an education deal than a real issue since many people opt to charge their cars at home or workplaces making EVs more economical than gas-powered vehicles. For more mass adoption of electric vehicles, it is crucial to educate the people, especially on the charging sector. This recent survey suggests that North America is ready to take a huge step towards where the country aims to get, which is a significant milestone as it deals with climate changes and environmental conservation.

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