New data-sharing initiative to increase the performance of operators of the wind turbines

Some of the biggest global wind turbine operators have recently announced the unveiling of the new data-sharing system. Turbine operators around the world can share operating output data freely and freely for the very first time in the wind sector, helping them to decrease their data dependence on OEMs, boost analytics and establish a consistent global performance standard. The project’s primary goal is to unlock organizational insights and establish a benchmark of operational turbine efficiency. Enel, ENGIE as well as Equinor have announced their interest in the program and have agreed to exchange onshore as well as offshore data from more than 10,000 turbines.

The programme is available to every turbine owner, and it is predicted that a large number of businesses will join the initiative in the following months. During the very first quarter of 2021, a set of workshops will occur to encourage any interested party to evaluate opportunities and organize platform growth efforts. This is a genuinely innovative initiative that will put a stop to the superior role of OEMs in terms of global output data. If it is now, the advantages of the data mining as well as benchmarking can only be harvested entirely by the OEMs, that places private investors at a detriment,” stated Marten Nilsson, O2OWIND Chief executive and project coordinator.

“We are building a benchmark for this data-sharing partnership that OEMs still have to refer to. Since the value of the baseline can be aligned with the volume of knowledge that drives our designs, we highly urge all the asset owners to participate and enter this exciting project in the data seminars,” he added. “This effort to share data is a revolutionary and an outstanding platform for the win-win cross-sector collaboration,” clarified Thierry Kalfon, ENGIE’s Managing Director of Renewables Global Business Line.

“To boost organizational efficiency, we are persuaded of the importance of data and analytics. Since the consistency of the findings relies on the quantities of available data in the data analytics, we firmly believe that exchanging data between peers would help us all,” he added. Leading wind asset owners will turn observations into concrete benefits, such as enhancing wind farm activities, as well as enhancing the performance rate of claims relating to lower than anticipated power generation, by sharing data on thousands of running turbines globally.

As José Alba, who works at Enel Green Power, notes, even the biggest owners, running close to around 15 GW of wind properties, require all the data they could get to access operational insights. When we handle data, we have a particular goal: translating it to the greatest degree into usable knowledge, enabling us to create our asset management frameworks. We need the largest possible number of data to execute this plan, which we will benefit from joining this program,” Alba explained.

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