SES Wins Slew of European Public Broadcast Deals

One of the companies, which has made a fantastic record this year is the SES. In the recent market trends, SES has won a big bid in the European Public Service broadcasting arena. The deal has a budget of over 66 million euros. In the company’s recent announcement on February 22nd, the spokesperson confirmed that SES had signed a huge deal. It is a multi-year capacity partnership with many public broadcasters in Europe.

This deal will make sure that millions who are using satellite T.V. households all around Europe will be able to watch H.D. and S.D. content. Some of the public broadcasters that have signed a deal with SES include ARD and ZDF from Germany, BVN in the Netherlands, BBC from the United Kingdom, and TV5Monde and France 24 in France. The latter deal from France is via its partner, Globecast.

When speaking about the partnership and the new partnerships, SES CEO Steve Collar quickly assured people of its role. He stated the importance of satellites and how the product is an invaluable distribution resource today. And it will keep its role in future. The vital role that SES plays is to provide broadcasters with satellites with the most significant reach. SES will make sure it maintains unmatched reliability, high-class efficiency, and the ability to provide superior content quality to millions of T.V. households all over Europe.

In other news, SES Government Solutions reported about a milestone that the company had moved forward. It announced that their development team has designed, created, and fielded an O3b MEO (Medium Earth Orbit) loopback capability. In this project, the company has been working with a U.S. government customer. This project’s main role is to provide the U. S’s Defence Department with an upgraded mission-critical communication system. It will solve the communication problems when dealing with remote areas, especially in Southwest Asia.

This awarded task order contradicts the single-award Blanket Purchase Agreement, which is in conjunction with the U.S DoD for Medium Earth Orbit high throughput satellite services. The configuration represents a new and innovative technology in the space world. It leverages an in-theater hub and delivers in-beam connectivity. Like a hub-spoke configuration, the configuration is controlled and under the SES Network Operations Center’s management through a Skala Network Terminal.

The final product uses double MEO beams in the loopback mode via five sites. Each site delivers a capacity that runs up to 450 Mbps. With these functions, it can connect users to the necessary points of presence. Also, SES has managed to form partnerships with other government projects. They include U.S. DoD Maritime O3b deal, US DOD Partners, and German Capacity Deals.

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