NASA Space exploration, Orion misssion with the help of IPTV Video Tools

NASA is famous for coming up with exciting spacecraft, and for the first time in ages, it is working on making a product for human-crewed deep-space missions, The Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. This spacecraft intends on taking experts farther from the farthest area they have explored. NASA’s move will usher the space sector to a new era and a step closer to understanding more about space. If things match with NASA’s plans, Orion Vehicle will be ready to venture into the new mission by Mid-decade. It will take the first person to the moon with follow-on missions intending to take an entire crew to Mars. This milestone is part of NASA’s Artemis Program.

To make this digital and fascinating journey better, NASA is looking to collaborate with VITEC for a high-quality video solution. For those who are experts in the study industry, you know how important the video system is for every mission. It gives evidence that a mission took place, noting every tiny detail about it for future study. For this mission, NASA is looking for a video solution to deliver full-motion, high-fidelity images from space and maintain and monitor the equipment.

Like this vehicle, NASA is looking for a new video technology that bridges the gap between equipment that has been stagnant for years and making technologies whose applications are based on excellent standards that can provide video through IPTV. Let’s discuss some of the solutions VITEC offers to NASA as it works on solving the space agency’s video challenges. In discussion with VITEC’s senior manager, Richard Bernard, we learn more about the video venture.

The first question was regarding video technology’s role in the NASA environment, where Richard responded that the Orion Spacecraft have a volatile and harsh environment with many constantly shifting variables. However, VITEC is set to deploy video technologies that are mature, well-proven, and have what it takes for this project. Companies such as VITEC have innovations that will contribute to this epic mission and will enhance experts’ ability to monitor the vehicle in space.

Another question was regarding what NASA’s challenges did they approach VITEC while trying to solve? Richard stated that NASA was looking for video technologies that can handle extreme video traffic and communicate with other protocols. Also, the agency was looking for a decoder that matches with video feeds from sophisticated onboard IP cameras. Finally, there was an issue of how VITEC engage with NASA as they build a technology to assist in the Orion mission. Bernard explained the exciting journey where the two companies worked together to ensure the video technology is compatible with Orion’s technology and environment. Also, they addressed technical issues making the Video product accessible by NASA’s staff.

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