The largest atom breaker could plough tiny black holes

It appears that scientists will study the solar system using black holes made by an atom smasher. The scientists argue that this process could generate new knowledge concerning the force of gravity. Science came up with a theory that nature has four forces alternating and making Earth appear as it is. These scientists argue that gravity, electromagnetism, weak forces, and strong forces. The scientists enumerate that these forces integrate within the Earth, creating the different phenomena that have been recorded. 

In all the forces the scientists have discovered that gravity is the weakest. The experts outlined that even if the strength of gravity were to increase by a billion, it would still require a factor of approximately 10 million to be closer to the other forces. Physicists are still evaluating the force of gravity to understand more about its weaknesses. Moreover, all these four forces are intertwined in their existence on Earth. 

Gravity is the weakest of the four forces, and yet it requires more effort to combine it with the other forces. Theorists have come up with the idea that there are numerous dimensions than the standard three dimensions that we know. The scientists hypothesize that these numerous dimensions account for the weakness of the force of gravity. The argument raised is that since gravity can transition through all the dimensions, then it is the strongest among the forces. This hypothesis is agreed upon since the other forces are restricted to the three-dimensional universe. 

Scientists came up with the Large Hadron Collider to determine the existence of multiple dimensions on Earth. The scientists developed a black hole to use it to determine the strength of the force of gravity. The scientists projected the development of black holes in the body brought to an infinite dimension. The experts discovered that the emergence of these holes was a result of the force of gravity. 

The black holes could be more if the LHC is concentrated in a small place on the material under analysis. The researchers discovered that if gravity were strong, then the black holes would be tinier and slightly invisible. Senior scientists have advised more concentration and study to ensure that comprehensive results about gravity’s multidimensional property are discoverable. This discovery would prove that the universe is a tiny balloon in a multidimensional surrounding. 

Finally, the researchers’ studies prove that there is more than science needs to confound than what exists. There is room for more scientific studies that the researchers must explore and explain.

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