Acquisition command by Space Force

Space Force is in the final touches of the upcoming acquisition command, which is a big organization that aims to bring together various agencies currently running independently. This is according to a report released on 2nd December by Gen. John Jay Raymond. Raymond made this announcement at a virtual conference on West Coast Aerospace. The conference host was the Air Force Association’s Mitchell Institute and was conducted by Aerospace Corp. President Jamie Morin. 

Answering Morin’s question on which idea to the Space Force has to develop technological innovation and plans on services’ acquisition programs, Raymond said that the Space Systems Command would comprise a team full of legacy and prototypers. He added that the main focus is to have increased speed, decreased cost, decreased duplication, and unity of effort. Raymond said that they target to be more creative, innovative, and take risks without any fear. 

Raymond said in order to achieve reduced costs and increased innovation, the business model has to change. For instance, it is not possible for the military to take risks on unproven technologies by purchasing billion-dollar satellites for carrying out crucial assignments but can take risks with less expensive mass-produced satellites that are easy to replace. He added that they aim to have a hybrid system with a diversified portfolio. Last month, Raymond said that he anticipates program managers and commanders to undertake moderate risk in relation to innovation and assessment to develop a spry force. 

A three-star general will run the future acquisition command. The command will comprise of Space and Missile Systems Center, Commercial Satellite Communication Office, which is based in Washington DC, and Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate. Also, Space Force organizations situated at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, would be part of the acquisition command. It’s not clear the manner in which the Space Rapid Capabilities Office and Pentagon’s Space Development Agency would be lined up to command. 

The Space Force is being criticized by the Secure World Foundation for acting slowly to acquire command offices. This is according to a report released on 2nd December saying that the cause of this could be a lack of joint authority. A study conducted in 2017 by the Government Accountability Office showed that over 60 agencies had space acquisitions. Today the number has increased due to the formation of new agencies like the US Space Force and Space Development Agency. The Space Force is not among the intelligence community of the space acquisitions and will stay separate.

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